For a Sustainable Africa

The Young African Leaders Forum is actively engaged in developmental projects
that would see a sustainable Africa in the near future.

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Our objective is to empower Africa's Young People to participate actively in
their societies so that they can improve their own lives - represent their needs
- and advocate for those of others...

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Some of Our Developmental Projects


An annual project which empowers several African women and creates a society of equality.


Young African Leaders Journal of Development (YALJOD) is a biennial publication which hosts scholarly analysis and competing viewpoints about the development of Africa.

Children Foundation

We attends to the needs of children, creates the next generation of mentors and youth leaders all over the continent.


A yearly youth summit/training program hosted across Africa which sensitizes and empowers millions of African youths yearly. So far, three summits have been held successfully.


We are here! Working tirelessly behind the scene to ensure that we contribute
again to the development of Africa in 2019. You should be part of the story!


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