The Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) is an independent pan-African organisation whose utmost objective is to effectuate sustainable development in every African nation. We achieve this by detecting the root causes of Africa’s developmental problems, researching and proffering workable solutions to them as well as executing these strategic solutions. We also work to empower African young people to participate actively in the society so that they can improve their own lives by representing and solving their needs whilst also advocating for those of others.

As an African-focused establishment, our five major objectives include:

  • Proffering workable solutions to Africa’s developmental problems and strategically executing them.
  • Organising trainings for sensitizing African youths within the ages of 14-25 on self-development awareness, leadership role, business management, health education (HIV/AIDS awareness), culture and modernization.
  • Connecting Africa by establishing and managing a bond between Africans and to promote good international relationships for a united Africa via a network system.
  • Organising and carrying out researches for the publication of a Journal of Development biennially; for the civic education of the African people.
  • Working in collaboration with other organisations and government institutions that mainly deals with community and national development within Africa.

YALF committedly works towards the collective development of the African people through the use of an indigenous network system, Infono. Infono is a South African based company, and it is used by YALF to create a First World order in Africa. We also work in collaboration with international organisations and government institutions that deal with development projects within Africa.


Children Foundation

Women Empowerment Inititative


Health and Safety

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A Wake-up Story

Prince Ifoh Unveils YALF IMPACT5000 vision

The #IMPACT5000 vision plan is aimed at improving the quality of lives of women, youths and girl-children in the African continent. This plan was revealed by the President of YALF, PRINCE IFOH, at the West African Youth Summit in Lagos, Nigeria.

September 20, 2019

YALF-PAS: East African Youth Summit

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What They Say
They told us we are tomorrows leaders, but we have realised that leadership begins today, because the change we so desire cannot come about by waiting...waiting on someone else to take the first step.
Walusungu Ngulube
Walusungu NgulubeProgram Associate National Coordinator, Malawi
Through our projects in the South we have empowered about one thousand youth and we're commitment to reach 5000, through our impact project will surely leave a mark across the continent.
Zethu MatsebulaRegional Coordinator, Southern Africa
African development depends on utilizing two things, her immaculate beauty hidden deep under as her natural resources and her untapped human resource largely consisting of her youth
Sensewell Chingwaramusee
Sensewell ChingwaramuseeGeneral Secretary & N.C1 Zimbabwe
To experience the huge impact of the little effort we take, to see the inspiration and motivation behind the little value and time we give, help us imagine and see the beautiful Africa we dream of...
Wale Aluko
Wale AlukoCreative Lead, YALF